Monday, November 14, 2011

Moses, sweating and snow storms

As I sit here at 7:30 in the morning sweating, YES THATS RIGHT, sweating.....I am
actually jealous of your 16 inches of snow!!!! The average temperature here has been
roughly 100 to 105 F. BLAH! My daughter Amira and I went to the grocery store the
other day and stuck our heads in a freezer to cool off. Rainy season is coming soon
and we are thrilled. I plan on standing outside and rolling around in the streets for joy.
It hasnʼt rained here in almost 10 months.

Sunday as we were driving home from church I saw something that melted my heart.
Some of you may remember me mentioning Moses? He has been on the streets most
of his life, is totally world weary and is desperate for change, but still the pull of the
streets for him is strong. You can see the tug of war going on in his eyes. Anyway, he
was sitting under a tree with one of the girls who lives on the street. The girl had a baby
and she was trying to calm the baby. Moses had his arm around them both in a
desperate attempt to protect them. He was planting a gentle kiss on the girls head. I
caught a glimpse of his eyes as we drove past and saw a futility in his eyes. If he will
allow it, I will take a picture of him and send it to you so you can pray for him! Moses
caught my heart when we first moved here in ʻ07 and has found a snug place there.
Godʼs hand is on his life. I know when Moses makes the choice to leave his life behind
and begin a new one in Christ awesome things will happen!

How can you pray for the Morales Family?
1. WISDOM! How and when do we move forward?
2. A continued a deep hunger for Godʼs word! We want to use this time God has
us in a holding pattern wisely to stay in his word.
3. Unity in our marriage and family
4. Protection for our kids
5. Finances. Lusaka is an expensive place to live
6. Pray for Moses

We love you all and appreciate all you have done for our family over the years! Please
keep the letters and pictures coming!!!!! We love the connection to home.
How can we pray for you all?
Luis, Myranda, Amira, Hannah, Brooklyn Rose and Homer the Dog

If you would like to give to the work you can send a check or money order to
1657 Broadway
NYC, NY 10019
Put Morales Family/Zambia in the memo
Or you can go to, select donate and specify “DONATE TO SOMEONEʼS
TRIP” Put in Morales Family Zambia

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