Friday, September 16, 2011

a mad fat white woman gets some peace

We have been in Zambia for almost a month now and our heads are spinning with how fast life has moved!  One minute we were with you all in the States and BLINK  here we are back in Zambia!  WOW!  We had SUCH a wonderful time of relaxing and enjoyed reconnecting with so many of you and wish that the time had been stretched to see so many more of you! 

The other day I attended a ladies bible study.  Currently we are doing a Beth Moore bible study on the fruit of the Spirit.  One of the ideas that was discussed was this "JUST BECAUSE IT IS HARD DOESN'T MEAN IT ISN'T THE LORD AND JUST BECAUSE IT IS EASY DOESN'T MEAN IT IS THE LORD!"   I needed that so badly because the enemy has been telling us that we are insane for coming back to Zambia, that our kids are going to suffer, blah blah blah....One thing that was said really stuck with me

                                     NEVER MISTAKE EASE FOR PEACE!!!!!

 I know that we aren't supposed to walk around with our heads hung low and our shoulders stooped all the time, but lets be honest here, some days it is harder than others.  It is a simple comfort to know that even though it is hard, Jesus is going to give us what we need when we need it!  AMEN!!!  I hope that you can take as much comfort from that as I have! 

Our kids are adjusting back to life beautifully.  They have started school and have been able to reconnect with their old friends and seem to enjoy the school schedule.  ( I KNOW THAT WE DO!!!)  Amira is thriving in art, Hannah is turning out to be quit the Jane Austin and Brooklyn....well we think she is going to run for president in the next zambian elections.

The Lord had laid it on our hearts to pour more of our attentions into the lives of the street kids.  Do we open a store front for them?  Do we have a bus ministry?  Would you please pray for us as we seek God's will for this?  We don't want to get ahead of the Lord and start something that will just turn out to be Luis and Myranda's good efforts for the street kids and not God's perfect plan for their lives.  Our leadership at home and here has told us to just simply wait on that we is what we do....doesn't the Bible have some pretty good things to say on the subject of waiting?

Would you also pray about how the Lord would want you to get involved?  How does the Lord want you to use your resources to help?  Do you give your time? Do you give your finances?  Do you go on a trip?  (Praying is a given) A missionary is only as effective as the people supporting them and standing with them...WE NEED YOU! 

What are some specific ways you can pray for us? 
1. pray for our kids as they adjust back into lives as missionary kids......that isn't an easy life!
2. pray for us as we seek God's will for the street kids
3. pray for the resources to be available
4. pray for our marriage....pray that our decisions are unified and that we stay as one mind

How can we pray for you?  We LOVE it when you guys let us know the goings and comings in your lives!  We pray often for you all carry you in our hearts! 

Myranda, Luis, Amira, Hannah, Brooklyn Rose and Homer the Dog

If you would like to give a donation to the work here you can send a check, cash or money order to
Times Square Church
Missions Floor 4
1657 Broadway
NYC, NY 10019
Please remember to include MORALES FAM/ZAM  in the memo

Or you can go to and click on GIVE, choose GIVE TO SOMEONE'S TRIP and follow the instructions given. 

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