Friday, March 25, 2011

social networking

I watched portions of the movie SOCIAL NETWORK yesterday.  Seen it?  SUPER SAD!!!  Here is this kid (I am not even going to attempt to spell his name) who is the youngest BILLIONAIRE in the world, the dude INVENTED Facebook and in the end.......if the movie is to be believed.......he is a sad lonely person with no one to talk to, but all the money in the world to spend.    Kind of ironic isn’t it?  The movie portrays the person who created the greatest social network ever as being a sad and lonely person.  
Got me thinking....
1. HOW WOULD I SPEND $25,000,000,000???  Luis said he would tithe first.  What is 10% of that?  Take of two zeros and you got yourself a happy orphanage in africa....then we would take 100 million of that and buy a house in all of our favorite countries.  I would buy the GAP and be outfitted with groovy clothes for life along with my entire family and the orphanage!  Probably thrown in a lypo-suction for the fun of it. get my point, the list is endless...

2. If the movie is to be believed......the guy spent a lot of time and energy building this empire and lost his friends in the process.  Is ambition worth it?  What is my goal in life?  Do I run people over in the process?  Am I hurting anyone to meet my goals?  Even if my goals are valuable and good, I have to be careful not to forget the people closest to me.  My family, my kids....GOD GRANT ME THE EYES TO SEE THEM ALWAYS!!  Let me take that a step further, there are people in my life, the grocery store clerk, the security guard in the parking lot, the kids on the street, they all deserve consideration, respect and the Love of Jesus! Let me take it even further than that!  HOW OFTEN TO I FORGET JESUS IN MY QUEST TO SERVE HIM AND BRING GLORY TO HIS NAME!?  “To busy to pray”....isn’t that to true to often? 
Lord, help me to see those around me as you see them!  To often I am so consumed with my day and the fiery trial of the moment.  Forgive me for being selfish!!  Thank you for your grace and your love!!!!!  I don’t want to get to the end of my life and it is all worthless because I forgot you in all the things I was trying to do for You!  

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