Saturday, March 26, 2011

Right vs. Wrong

Have you ever been so right that your wrong?  
Taking up a “just” cause because you think you are so right and everyone else around you in so wrong.  I am not talking about the cause of Christ here either people.  I am talking about the need to win an argument.  Or the need to prove to the person who has wronged you HOW wrong they actually were.  Why!?  I mean if they won’t hear you or don’t see it, why?  Just let it go!  There is biblical protocol to follow in situations like that, you go to someone with an offense, but after a while you NEED to LET IT GO!  
I have watched a good friend of mine fall into that trap and he has since lost his job because of it.  He started out with such good intentions and heart.  But he was so afraid someone was going to run him over that he clung to what he thought was right so fiercely that it drove people away.  When all along people respected him and thought of his work very highly.  
A few weeks ago I was struck with the realization that I to have struggled with that same flaw.  My daughter Amira and I have entered that to fun phase of mother daughter relationship where we argue.  No missing the point that she is 8 and that there are fundamental issues that we are teaching her, I saw this flaw in me because I was noticing it in her.  AND IT SCARED THE HOOVIES OUTTA ME!!!!    I can be so right that I am wrong.........DING DING DING!!  WHAT!?  Me?  NO WAY JOSE’.  I am to humble for that sort of pride.  Then it hit me with a mallet in the back of my head....maybe that is why bitterness has always been a struggle with me!!!  Maybe that is why I struggle with feeling stressed out and burdened and burnt out.  
THEN I REALIZED WITH SUCH CLARITY THAT THE ONLY TORCH I AM TO CARRY IS THE TORCH OF JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!  If an issue arises that doesn’t have anything to do with Jesus Christ and his dying on the cross for the souls of many I AM NOT TO PICK IT UP!!!  Something like this take discernment and focus on Christ because we can get so easily pulled in so many different directions.  Don’t take me wrong, in parenting you have to pick your battles and you have to win them, BUT do so with grace and humility!  Not with the driving need to prove how right you are.  
I don’t know if that makes any sense to anyone else but me, but I feel free!!!!!!

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